Monday, April 16, 2012

Now To Decide What to Plant

I came home from school today beat. It hadn't really felt like a weekend and going back to school was not fun. But! I got on some shorts, pulled my hair up, and put on the working gloves. Turns out it's just what I needed.
I cut all the dead flowers off the rose bushes, pulled some weeds, clipped a few haywire branches, started some grass seed growing, *phew*, shoveled/tilled up a whole section of my backyard, and made nice little rows.
It was a lot of work. But so worth it!!
Did I mention I did the whole thing in flipflops?! My grandpa wouldn't be to proud, but what can I say, my feet like to be free. And a little dirt never hurt anyone!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday

Last year I found this skirt and I realllly wanted to make it. I got as far as cutting the material. Well, this year I had a boring day so I decided to whip it up for myself.. and then decided I'd go crazy and make one for Ande too. I would've made Chloe one too but she got impatient with how many times my frazzled brain had to keep measuring her so she decided she didnt want one after all. Besides the fact that Ande's line of flowers go vertical and mine go horizontal, and the fact that it didnt line up perfectly- cutting straight is just so HARD!- they didn't turn out too bad. It was my first sewing project besides pillow cases and an apron :o)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Calling

About a month ago a member of my bishopric came up to me after sacrament meeting and asked me how comfortable I was with playing hymns. Being the only piano player in the young womens, I play there, play in seminary, and play abundantly at home, so I told him I was pretty confident... I don't know a lot of hymns, but I can play them. He said great! Just curious.
A few weeks later he called me in and asked me if I'd accept the call to be the Ward Pianist.
Hold the phone.
The ward pianist?! Isn't that an old lady job?!
And uhm, crazy scary?!
He said they don't mind that I can't play the organ, just that they need someone to be able to play and they thought I'd be great for the job.
I said I'd take it, as much as I feel greatly underqualified.
I got a list of the songs for the upcoming week, and imagine my disbelief when all of the songs were songs that I know really well, one of them being I Stand All Amazed, the first hymn I learned. Tell me that isn't Heavenly Father showing me I'll be okay.
When it came time for the opening song, I wasn't even nervous. Usually my hands shake so bad and I can't focus my eyes if I'm reallly nervous, which I should have been. It's the biggest audience times 15 that I've ever played for. Well, I haven't been nervous once. I just know that someone's helping me and that I will have the power to use my talent the way it needs to be used.
When I went in to get my blessing to be set apart I had specific challenges in mind that could come with accepting this call, limits within myself when it comes to the piano. Each of those were addressed in my blessing, even though I had told no one.
I'm overwhelmed with this talent that has been given to me. Sometimes I feel like it's nothing special, I can do no greater than any one else. There's someone out there that can play better than me or hit less mistakes than me. But then I remember how I got my talent. That's a pretty special story. And when these things happen, these "coincidences"... it's clear to me that this is something that I needed to have in my life.
I come from a long line of organists, my mom, my grandma, my great-grandma, I'm sure it goes plenty back. I often hear stories of how many hours upon hours they would sit at a bench playing until their fingers were raw. How amazing they were and just how hard they practiced. Then how much joy they brought to their own houses, as the home was filled with song.
And ya know... I'm kind of excited to join them!:)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Day??

a) Got the once and for all "let-just-be-friends" talk. Right before school. Lovely.
b) My best friend's friend tried to commit suicide before lunch.
c) I had an important meeting to be to today and our car broke down. No meeting.
d) My grandparents left for Seattle for an indefinite amount of time and I thought I'd see them before they left (when I got home from school). They left shortly before I got home.
e) $60 was stolen from my bank account.

To top it off, I've lost 10 pounds this week because I've just kept forgetting to eat/been too upset to eat. None of my pants will even stay on.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

RIP Phone

Once upon a time there was an awesome phone that was taken advantage of. It was purple, with pink buttons and a cute pink case.
I LOVED it!! But I realized this too late....

One unfortunate day, my phone screen decided, "Lets play a trick on Kaitlyn and not work!!"

I could receive calls, texts, whatever, I just couldn't see what the heck was going on on the screen. It was really annoying. Bzzzzzz. Oh gee pal, I know youre texting me, I sure wish I could answer!!

Then comes the insurance company. Sure! We'll replace your phone! For $40!! Oh wait. you want your phone now?? You've been without a phone for two days?? Who cares!! It's a holiday weekend. You're gonna get one on Wednesday (the day is Thursday- a whole week without a phone!? Unheard of!!)

Well.. I was pretty depressed. Super. Then one day I was going home with Brandon. He asked to see my phone. He took it, hit it against his leg as a last resort. and TA-DA! It worked!! Simply magic!! Don't even ask me how. I was so so SO SO happy!! I got to read all my texts... and realized some friends sent me texts just to bug me, the stinkers!!

So I had a phone, but we had already ordered the new one. I figured might as well replace it in case my phone decided to do that again. Well... The phone... yeah... I got the black version. With blue buttons. Do they even know who I am?! BLACK!? And they wanted my old one back. And wouldn't let me request a new one in purple. Ugh. I was not happy.

SO! Since my case was broken and I had a warranty on it, I decided to go into at&t to get it replaced. I go in and the guy says, "Oh. I dont know if we have those kinds of cases anymore. Nope only clear, and it's the last one. You're lucky."
"Oh! Wait! Let me see if other places have any that they could ship to us.... hmm... oh! Looks like you could get a purple one!" (fake happiness for me).
I start to mutter my, "That'd be lovely! Thanks!!!!"
Before I can even get the first syllable in he says,
"oh. just kidding. nope. not happening".


So. I got stuck with an ugly black phone with a clear case that doesnt cover up any of its darkness.
Then.. I discovered this really cool thing.
It's called, cut scrap book paper and put it behind the case to make it a little more pretty.
It's not the same.. but on the bright side it's interchangeable, and that makes the sting a little better.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

been a long time,yeah?

Well, life's busy. Life's grand!:) I've been too busy to post, I'm sorry!
Quick Recap?

  • Sadies was a blast! None of it really worked out, but my date was the best!:)
  • I got my DRIVERS LICENSE! Finally... at 17 ha. I definitely don't recommend waiting a year to get it.
  • Christmas was magical this year! Probably the best one ever. Got lots of music books. Kind of weird that I can start getting "grown up" stuff now. Cuz I'm going to be needing it.
  • Christmas break was fun, hung out with friends a lot.
  • Work is taking up a lot of my time. Not that I'm complaining. It's been really really super duper good. I LOVE my job!
  • New Years was fun ;).
Basically I've just been hanging out with friends, going to work, or doing homework. It's pretty great! Being a teenager is fun.
*sigh* I'm going to be 18 this year...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Why Hello

It's just an ordinary day. My friends and I are going to lunch. I look to the right lane and up a few car lengths away and I see the car that always has the sophomore boys doing Chinese fire drills during lunch. I wonder which boy is going to do it today.
Suddenly, something funny about the basketball team is brought up and I've got my head in my knees laughing really hard.
I look up just in time to catch the boy who is running out. He opens the door, flies out of the car and..
His pants fall down!!
And he's wearing NO underwear!!!!!!
Us, the car full of girls, quickly looked away with rosy cheeks.
We couldnt believe it!
Just our luck! That poor guy. But my goodness....
If you're going to a)run out of a car illegally b)wear loose pants c)wear no belt d)have your pants fall off, then please for the sake of all young women, WEAR UNDERWEAR!
I really didn't want to be mooned!
What a day!